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Selected Exhibitons, Performances and Screenings:


Hubris performance programme, curated by Civic Room,  Glasgow International Digital Programme - ONLINE

Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down, SkyPark, Glasgow, UK curated by Cabbage, Glasgow International

HURT AGONY PAIN LOVE IT, curated by Róisín McQueirns, Richard Saltoun Gallery - ONLINE (SOLO)


Non-knowledge, Laughter and The Moving Image presents: The Dance of Disorder Seminar, HFBK Hamburg - ONLINE




Glasgow International Digital Programme - ONLINE

Ridiculous! curated by Paul Carey Kent, Elephant West, London, UK
LIV FONTAINE/VIV INSANE, Black and White, New York City, USA
Liv Fontaine w/ Rosa Farber and Ed Stevens, The Doublet, Glasgow, UK

Montez Press Radio, Cell Project Space, London, UK

Hate the Haus, LayLow, London, UK

Supernormal Festival, Oxforshire, UK

The SALON Preents:, The Flying Duck, Glasgow, UK
Love Hangover , curated by JJ Tipton and CC Time, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK

Vaseline, Celine Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Cannibal O, curated by Catalina Barroso-Luque, CCA, Glasgow, UK

Me and my animal Friends - A Cabbage screening event, CCA, Glasgow, UK
Performance Club TV - The Pilot, Raven Row, London, UK

New Works On Paper by Liv Fontaine, Albert Aveune Flat Show, Glasgow, UK
Riding the Worm, SET, London, UK
Bye Hun, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK
Eat Me at Preach (The September Edition), District, Liverpool, UK
Vision and Signs - School of the Damed Degree Show, Sluice, London, UK
The Great David Dionysia, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, UK
The Musical, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK
RUPTURE, ART NIGHT 18, curated by Hayward Gallery, Garden Museum, UK
Rock 4 Repeal, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, UK
Sounds From The Other City, Moist Collective, Salford, UK
WHO IS HEINZSTEIN?, collaboration with Lewis Prosser, William Joys, GY Open House Arts Festival, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
Montez Press, Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico
Flare, Beacons Programme curated by Rebecca Halliwell- Sutton, Caustic Coastal, Salford, UK
Make It Last Forever, curated by Claire Barrow, Emily's Bar, London, UK
Casual Nexus, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, UK

Small Death, The Art School, Glasgow, UK
I Want it That Way, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow, UK
Female Trouble, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London, UK
Slippery When Wet, HA HA Gallery, Southampton, UK
Disposable Journal, Mathew Gallery, New York, USA
Life Drawing with Liv Fontaine and Shy Charles, part of the Guest Projects School of the Damned Residency, Guest Projects, London, UK
Performance Club Presents: Cabaret 3 - A multi faceted performance event, The Fox and Firkin, London, UK
Accent Magazine Supper Club, London, UK
A Vanitas Painting, curated by Benjamin Edwin Slinger, Surf, Leeds, UK

Worried Mother curated by MILK, Workplace, Gateshead, UK
I'm feeling so Virtual I'm Violent, HA HA Gallery, Southampton, UK
Put you money where my mouth is, curated by Liv Wynter, The Royal

Standard, Liverpool, UK
Sorry About Last Night,  Art Sheffield 2016, curated by Its all Tropical,

Sheffield, UK
MONO6, curated by Rafal Zajko, Courtyard Theatre, London, UK
Hotline, The Rebel Man Standard Festival, Guest projects, London,UK
Sleaze, curated by SEIZE, Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun, Leeds, UK
Claire Barrow's The Retro-spective, ICA, London, UK

Late at Tate: Celebrity, collaboration with BEST CITY FASHION,Tate Britain, London, UK
Adjacent realities, curated by Catharina Bond,  Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK
You Don't Own Me, collaboration with Tina Dillman, BT&C Gallery, Buffalo,

I'm So Excited, HA HA Gallery, Southampton, UK
WEIGHT for the Showing, curated by Paul Carey Kent, Maddox Arts,

London, UK
DA THIRST Presents: Haters Gonna Fete, ICA, London, UK
Accent Magazine Launch, Shoreditch House, London, UK

£1 FISH, curated by Its all Tropical presents: , S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK
Reception, Dig, London, UK
24 Hour Telethon, The Lab, San Francisco, USA
Dimensions Variable, curated by Alexander Felch, Moe Vienna, Austria
Dead Famous, HA HA Gallery, Southampton, UK
THUNDER FLUX !, HA HA Gallery, Southampton, UK
London Vienna Calling, Academy of Art, Vienna, Austria
SXY LDN, Moe Vienna, Vienna, Austria
At Home with the Ludskis : Twisted Sister, Rio Cinema, London UK

Publications (featured in)

2019 The Darker Days of me and Him, A Queer Anthology of Sickness,

published by Pilot Press, UK
2015 Adjacent Realities, exhibition catalogue, UK
2015 WEIGHT for the showing, exhibition catalog, UK
2014 London | Vienna | Calling,  exhibition catalog,  Austria
2014 YOU TUBE - Performance today, by Hannes Egger, Italy 2014
2013 Subjectivity & Feminisms Research Group: The Performance Dinner,


2020 How to be a Performance Artist -  Frieze Magazine, October issue, UK
2019 Liv Fontaine in conversation with Elly Clarke, Sluice Magazine Spring/ Summer issue, UK
2018 Stories concerning the Crisis of Personality, Cabbitches published by Cabbage, UK
2018 The Interjection Calendar, published by Montez Press, UK
2018 Love by Liv Fontaine, Accent Magazine : Issue 4, UK
2016 Liv Fontaine in Conversation with Liv Wynter, Polyester Issue 5, UK
2016 How Much Are They Paying You, produced by Liv Wynter, UK
2016 How to LIV, Accent Magazine : Issue 1, UK,
2016 Exhibitionism, Secret Behaviour Magazine Issue 3, USA
2015 Banana Drama, Da Thirst Issue 3.5, UK










2021 Artist Talk - University of  the Creative Arts Farnham - ONLINE

2021  Pandemic Letterss/ Panic Letters, colloboration With Emily Pope, ARC presents: Proxyerotics Symposium, Royal College of Art - ONLINE
2018 Shame and Autobiography, Islington Mill, Salford
2016 Why society needs sluts like me, Seminar on Female Hysteria, Public Exhibitions, London, UK
2016 Why is everything so boring? with Jen Harris, Visual Arts South West

Annual Conference, Southampton City Art Galley, Southampton, UK

2018 The Good, The bad and The Appropriation Art, Workshop, Glasgow

School of Art, UK
2017 Life Drawing with Liv Fontaine, Guest Projects, London, UK
2016 Life Drawing with Liv Fontaine, Cob Gallery, London, UK
2016 Visiting Crit Convenor, Solent School of Art, Southampton, UK

2020 CreativeLAB, CCA, Glasgow, UK

2017 - 2018 MLITT Fine Art Performance, Glasgow School of Art, UK
2017 - 2018 School of the Damned, Nomadic
2012 San Francisco Art Institute, New Genres Major, USA
2010 - 2013 Chelsea College of Art and Design, BA Fine Art, London, UK












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